Benefits for Communities and Residents

For Residents

Most dog owners are responsible and clean up their dog’s waste. Unfortuantely, some waste is not disposed of in a sanitary fashion. Our progran does not penalize responsible dog owners, but instead offers them protection from bacteria and parasites.

Less pollution

Dog waste contains 23,000,000 bacteria isolates per gram, compare that to a common mouse at 330,000 or a rabbit at 20. Less uncoped dog waste means a significantly reduced risk for contracting waste-borne illness. 

Safer play areas for our children

Children are at particular risk of infection in areas where dog waste is allowed to contaminate the soil. Children play on the ground with their hands and frequently put their hands in their mouths. They also drop toys or pacifiers on the ground that are then put in their mouths. Toxocara canis. a roundworm foun in dog waste, is especially dangerous to children and in its most severe form can cause blindness. 

Increase sense of community

An unfortunate side effect of pets is they sometimes cause tensions between neighbors. Unscooped dog waste is #6 on America’s Top Gripes. Imagine a community where neighbors don’t get upset with each other over dog waste!

Pet management tools

Tenants may receive a free account onh the DNA World Pet Registry to access their pet profiles. Each pet owner can upload pet photographs, pet profile, medical history storage, record vaccinations, and more.

Lost and Found Service

Tenants also receive free lost-and-found service, with lifetime Proof of identity based on their pet’s DNA profile.

For Properties

When you enroll your community in the PooPrints™ program you will immediately begin to notice cleaner grounds and more tenants picking up after their own pets.   

Increase resident retention rates

Resident retention rates will increase because all tenants, dog owners and non-pet owners alike, can enjoy living in a cleaner and greener neighborhood.

Create a customized program

We can work with you to determine the best way to implement the program and meet your community needs.

Low-cost implementation

PooPrints can be implemented at nearly no cost to the property management by utilizing a small portion of the pet deposit.

Free management software

Property management receives free hosted software with all adminstrative tools needed too add/maintain dogs in your community.

Pet tags for identification

Unique pet ID tags are numbered with each registered dog’s ID number for easy recognition within your community.

Free training and support

Our staff will provide training and support for you and your maintenance staff.